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Without a withdrawal agreement – a no-deal Brexit – could lead to serious disruption for the economy both sides. The United Kingdom will begin to suffer a lengthy economic recession. All scenarios assumed an increase in trade tariffs and transaction costs, extra costs that the UK will be required to pay on imported goods. A no-deal Brexit would have the worst impact, leading to price rises first!

Hard Brexit. Soft Brexit. No Deal.

What does #Brexit mean?

Crashing out of the EU without rules and an agreement will definitely COST!
Under all Brexit scenarios, it brings cost and UK will pay the price. For example, a no-deal Brexit would increase the cost of bananas by 17%, citrus fruits by 14%, and tomatoes by 15%.

Theresa May has refused to rule out a no-deal Brexit!
UK will suffer if No-Brexit deal achieved, experts warn.

backstop along the Irish border

Brexit means EU Wall and EU Border.

But Borders and Walls have always two faces!!!
Brexit vote brings fears of new troubles along Irish border.

What does ‘Brexit means Brexit’ mean?

The issue of immigration turned Britain towards a vote to leave the European Union. Many campaigning for the Brexit in referendum said the British government needs to take back control of its borders.

Brexit ‘no-deal’ scenario.
How likely – and what if?

Do you agree with the Experts?

EU Debates! You?

Your opinion counts!


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