Britain is still on course to leave the EU, but nobody knows whether it will be with a deal or not, or whether there will be a general election or a second referendum.

Theresa May’s plan has been rejected by votes to 432 votes to 202 – a majority of 230.

People think that, by voting down this EU deal, they can get the government to go back to Brussels to get a better one.
But the European Union is not going to reopen talks.

Keep in mind that:

Borders and Walls have always two faces!

What does ‘Brexit means Brexit’ mean?

Brexit means EU Wall and EU Border.

On the other hand, “Brexit means Brexit,” does mean of course, that a DEAL will take the UK out of the EU.

The issue of immigration turned Britain towards a vote to leave the European Union. Many campaigning for the Brexit in referendum said the British government needs to take back control of its borders.

But Borders and Walls have always two faces!!!
Brexit vote brings fears of new troubles along Irish border.

backstop along the Irish border

One of the biggest issues with the Brexit deal is the so-called backstop along the Irish border. It’s meant to avoid re-establishing a hard border between Northern Ireland, which is part of the U.K., and the Republic of Ireland, which remains a member of the European Union. The decades of violence may be over where these two nations meet, but the spectre of a new type of separation has brought fears of new troubles.

May says government interested in further ‘creative solutions’ to making backstop temporary. Rejecting the EU deal could lead to ‘no Brexit’.
May warned that the DEAL rejection could destroy people’s trust in politics, lead to the reversal of Brexit and even the breakup of the United Kingdom.

May urged that historians would judge them harshly if they didn’t support it.
The Prime Minister said that while her deal was “not perfect” and “a compromise,” it was the only one that would deliver the Brexit the British people voted for in the 2016 referendum.

Hard Brexit. Soft Brexit. No Deal.

What does Brexit mean?

EU Debates! You?

Your opinion counts!



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