The European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) hosts a very interesting event on 11/02 in Brussels on misuse of personal data in relation to 2019 elections.
#Europe votes 2019: How to unmask and fight online manipulation

European Data Protection Supervisor
11 February 2019 9:30 – 17:15
Résidence Palace, Rue de la Loi 175, Brussels

European Data Protection Supervisor

The European Data Protection Supervisor is an independent supervisory authority whose primary objective is to ensure that European institutions and bodies respect the right to privacy and data protection when they process personal data and develop new policies.

In light of the upcoming European Parliament elections, and numerous other national elections scheduled for 2019, the EDPS is facilitating a conversation between data protection authorities, electoral regulators, audio-visual regulators, media & platforms in the fight against online manipulation of personal data in elections.

Event Sessions

Digital information ecosystem, data protection and democracy
opening remarks from Giovanni Buttarelli

“How to fake your own news” – Demonstration by Ruurd
Oosterwoud, DROG. DROG is a platform with innovative tools to build resistance to online manipulation; “Bad News” – a game which raises awareness of how fake news is generated and

Reflections of 2018 elections: a review of the challenges for democracy in Europe and beyond
Looking back on the elections that took place last year, experts will look at how these elections were run, the challenges that occurred, and the lessons we can learn.

Moderator: Eline Chivot, Center for Data Innovation

  1. Liz Carolan, Co-Founder, Transparent Referendum Initiative
  2. Fabro Steibel, Director, ITS-Rio
  3. Iveta Kazoka, Director of Centre of Public Policy, PROVIDUS
  4. Judith Duportail, Freelance Journalist

Digital vulnerabilities 2019: ad-tech and algorithms, an insight into the mechanisms of online manipulation
Fair & free elections are the cornerstone of democracy but their integrity is being challenged in the highly concentrated and often unaccountable digital ecosystem. This panel will highlight the vulnerabilities in our democratic process from various perspectives.

Moderator: Lewis Crofts, Editor-in-Chief, MLex

  1. Claudio Agosti, Director & Project Lead, Facebook Tracking Exposed
  2. David Stillwell, Lecturer in Big Data Analytics, University of Cambridge
  3. Johnny Ryan, Chief Policy & Industry Relations Officer, BRAVE
  4. Ardita Driza Maurer, Venice Commission, Lead Expert of Committee on e-Voting at Council of Europe
  5. Vittoriano Vancini, ANSA Italy
  • Keynote by Elizabeth Denham, Information Commissioner’s Office, UK

Who Does What? Roles & Responsibilities of Regulators and Platforms

A multisectoral dialogue with regulators, as well as representatives from the media, journalism and the platform industry, revolving around the roles they play and responsibilities they all hold in fighting online manipulation of data.

Moderator: Iskra Kirova, Open Society Foundation

  1. Mar España Martí, Commissioner, Agencia Española de Protección de Datos
  2. Jean Gonié, Director of Public Policy Europe, Snap Inc.
  3. Marco Pancini, YouTube
  4. Michalis Lambrianides, Cyprus Radio Television Authority
  5. Janja Horvat Drobnjak, State Electoral Commission of Croatia
  6. Maria Donde, Ofcom; Vice-Chair of European Platform of Regulatory Authorities

The Way Forward: Bridging the gaps to build multisectoral networks of cooperation

Whilst strengthening the protection of data is one part of the puzzle, combatting online manipulation and preserving the integrity of democracy must be a concerted effort from all players. Establishing new networks of cooperation will be key in this endeavour

Moderator: Christian D’Cunha, EDPS

  1. Natalija Bitiukova, Board Member, Civil Liberties Union for Europe &
    Human Rights Monitoring Institute
  2. Marie-Hélène Boulanger, DG Justice, European Commission
  3. Maurice Turner, Center for Democracy and Technology
  4. Maria Luisa Stasi, Article 19

Closing Remarks by Shoshana Zuboff, Author of “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism”

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