Increased female workforce participation could add $2.7 trillion to the region’s economy by 2025. How can the full potential of Arab women be unlocked?

Despite many challenges, including societal pressure on women to stay at home, a digital gender gap, and structural disadvantages in fund-raising and investments, female entrepreneurs are finding new and creative ways to overcome barriers to entering the workforce and starting their own business.

Go digital, young woman

Crucially, studies from the US demonstrate that gender pay gaps are lower in industries where there are more flexible work arrangements. Moreover, women who gain ICT skills increase their wages by 12%, which is higher than equivalent gains in men’s salaries.

World Economic Forum

The digital gender gap in Arab states remains at 17.3%, down from 19.2% in the last four years, according to the ITU. Women are still a minority across the entire start-up ecosystem. Imagine what’s possible for an Arab woman in the Fourth Industrial Revolution!

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