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What will happen to UK house prices after Brexit? For the moment prices drop and fewer homes are put up for sale. Bearing Brexit in mind is 100% a sensible approach.

Buying a house? Think twice!

If you’re considering buying a house, you might want to think it twice! Brexit impact on the UK housing market is that many investors expect the market to weaken further. Real estate investors don’t want to overpay for property that will be worth less if, for example, Britain leaves the EU without a negotiated deal. British housing market suffers from fears of no-deal Brexit come Oct 31st.

Speak to your broker or lender about how your mortgage would be paid if you were to lose your job. And if you’re planning to sell and are worried about house prices falling, it’s useful to think about your options. The most important thing is securing high quality legal and financial advice tailored to your circumstances.

In 2016, property prices in Greenwich were 8 per cent higher than the London average. Three years later, that premium has vanished.

Maritime Greenwich – London

London House-prices

Real Estate & BREXIT
The housing market

The video considers the price drivers for UK property such as GDP growth, interest rates, supply & demand, wage growth vs inflation and affordability. It also considers the Bank of England’s worst-case scenario which it uses to stress test UK banks.

This should help you structure your own thoughts about what will happen to Real Estate – BREXIT, UK property prices following Brexit. Property prices have slowed or dropped, even in London. Sector analysts warning of worse to come if Britain crashes out of the bloc without a deal.

A no-deal BREXIT will be a large negative shock to the UK economy!

What does Brexit mean for the property market, and what should you do if you’re planning on moving home.
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