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Brexit: EU pushes for another extension


European Parliament votes to approve a Brexit delay if UK requests one. The EU’s top officials handling Brexit negotiations have said the risk of a no-deal exit looms large. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, who met British Prime Minister Boris Johnson two days ago, said the UK has still not offered any viable solutions to rewrite a withdrawal agreement.

Risk of no-deal Brexit “remains very real”
President Jean-Claude Juncker

President Jean-Claude Juncker warns the risk of a no-deal Brexit is still very real. Juncker says a deal to ensure a smooth British exit from the EU is still possible.

President Juncker, from the European Parliament in Strasbourg, repeated his call for London to present realistic proposals in order to replace the Irish backstop arrangement in the current divorce agreement.

The European Parliament votes to approve another extension for UK if it requests one.

They need much more – more time to agree to terms for a “friendly” divorce withdrawal – Brexit Deal.


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