As the number of international migrants reaches new highs, people around the world show little appetite for more migration – both into and out of their countries. Forced migration has evolved and grown into a complex and diversified global crisis.

It’s affecting almost 69 million people who face conflict, climate change, famine, lagging economic growth, crime, and bad governance that push them out of their homes. The international community must adapt to this crisis by departing from current solutions that favor short-term humanitarian spending or closing borders.

Forced migration is solvable. But if not managed correctly, the crisis could result in the near-irreversible corruption of global growth, security, and development.

  • Conflicts
  • Climate Change
  • Famine
  • Economy
  • Crime
  • Bad Governance

Be honest. We have the science, the technology, and the wealth. What we don’t have is the will, and that’s not a reason that history will accept.

Many worldwide oppose more migration – both into and out of their countries.
– Shutting down immigration won’t solve Europe’s terrorism problem.

Marginalization, Unemployment, and Discrimination

These negative perceptions are sometimes exacerbated by the perceived marginalization and social exclusion of some groups of Muslims. The role of “homegrown” terrorists encouraged governments to turn their attention inwards and scrutinize relations with their Muslim populations. These attacks were widely denounced by Muslim groups, but levels of anxiety about terrorism remain high.

Closing the borders won’t end terrorism, but it will make us poorer.
Closing migration routes into Europe won’t stop terrorism.
Let’s talk about immigration – The UK BREXIT VOTE

The issue of immigration moved Britain towards a vote to leave the European Union. Anushka Asthana meets voters in Cheshire, Lancashire, Peterborough, Oxford and east London and asks about the impact of immigration on services, and joins Ukip and Tory leave supporters on the campaign trail.
Are immigrants good for Britain? Or are they taking our jobs and lowering our wages?

Do we still don’t understand why Time only flows Forward?

The best prophet of the future is the past.
Lord Byron

Should Europe shut the door on immigration?
Did the refugee crisis increase euroscepticism?

EU Debates!You?

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