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Internal Border controls should be lifted in a coordinated manner for European Tourists. Also Smart solutions will enable summer vacations, says Ursula von der Leyen. What is happening in Europe? Are EU Health Passports, Beach Boxes or Virtual vacation the solution?

We are starting to learn to live with the virus!
Ursula von der Leyen, EU Commission president

EU Tourists make plans for Summer Holidays after Gradual Covid-19 Lockdown Exit.

Summer holidays could be possible if people stick to social distancing with Smart Solutions. Tourism sector is ‘hardest hit by COVID-19 and now Europeans make travel plans for Summer Holidays. European holidaymakers could be optimistic that a summer vacation is still possible despite the coronavirus pandemic, Ursula von der Leyen has said.

She said: ‘Maybe a little different, with other hygiene measures, with a little more social distance, but it is impressive to see that we have found solutions. So I am optimistic about summer holidays.’

We must use every EU means against Coronavirus crisis

Sunbathing in perspex boxesSmart solutions for over-touristed cities?

Countries like Austria are considering opening their borders for the summer – but only for those nations which have COVID-19 under control, while Greece has been encouraging the EU to work out a plan over the next few weeks.

Tourism Minister Elisabeth Köstinger warned only those “on a very good and positive path, such as Germany” would be considered. Greece wants an EU-wide pact on common rules within a month to restart holiday-making.

EU Health Passports for tourists

Athens wants a regime put in place to kickstart air travel “with specific health protocols – testing, so-called health passports and so on – in place”.

Greeks show the World how to handle Coronavirus Outbreak! Greece introduced strict measures related to the quarantine of employees. This decision allowed officials to control the spread of the virus and has only suffered minimum casualties thus far, compared to other nations. Greece has extended the temporary suspension of flights to Italy, Turkey, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom until May 15.

Greece welcomed more than 32 million foreign tourists and earned more than $19 billion in 2019. The pandemic forced most Greek hotels to close and the finance minister said he expects the Greek economy to shrink by between 2% and 4% this year. Many hotels could face bankruptcy, according to a study where 65 percent of hoteliers say that the bankruptcy of their business is either “likely” or “most likely”.

Beach Boxes – Made in Italy

Sunbathing could be in big plexiglass boxes to ensure families are isolated from others. Italian manufacturing firm Nuova Neon Group 2 revealed its design for plexiglass boxes. They can be used on the beach for those worried about COVID-19 – but still wanting to catch some rays. The 4.5 metre square clear boxes, which stand at 2 metres high is the answer to safe sunbathing at seaside resorts.

Italy has been one of the countries hardest hit by COVID-19, with the number of people dying with the disease standing at more than 24,000.

Virtual Tourism

You don’t feel safe to travel this summer? Try taking a virtual vacation. If you get creative, you could turn your summer vacation into a virtual experience. Sometimes you just need technology and imagination to boost planning for a virtual vacation. But this is not enough!

We need tourists to be ‘optimistic’ that all we would be able to go on a holiday!


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