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French President Macron said ‘We are at war‘ and ordered 15-day lockdown, banning public gatherings and walks outdoors. France reported 5,400 cases of COVID-19 and 127 coronavirus-related deaths on Monday 16/03.

French President Emmanuel Macron ordered a 15-day lockdown, prohibiting residents from leaving their homes unless absolutely necessary. He announced stringent restrictions on people’s movement, adding that the army will be drafted in to help move the sick to hospitals.

We are at war!
Emmanuel Macron

All public gatherings are banned starting midday Tuesday and for 15 days after. This order includes activities such as walks outside. Macron noted French people not to leave their homes unless absolutely necessary. People unable to work from home or those seeking medical care will be allowed to go outside. Everybody else must stay at home.

People who violate the lockdown will be punished.

Sauvez des vies, restez chez vous!
Emmanuel Macron

Réduire la propagation du coronavirus COVID-19 nécessite des mesures adaptées.

Borders Control – Schengen Area

Macron ordered that travel between the European Union and non-EU countries would be restricted for 30 days starting Tuesday at noon. French citizens should contact local embassies if they are abroad and want to return home.

French President Macron said the European Union will restrict travel from non-EU countries for 30 days.

France – Monday 16/03 info update:
5,400 cases – 127 deaths of COVID-19

French President Emmanuel Macron: Sauvez des vies, restez chez vous

Coronavirus outbreak 

The coronavirus outbreak is a fast developing situation, which creates risks for the economic outlook and the functioning of financial markets. The European Union is closely monitoring developments and their implications for the economy. We stand ready to take appropriate and targeted measures, as necessary and commensurate with the underlying risks.

Most people in society have to change their day-to-day lives in some way. It will particularly affect people over the age of 70, pregnant women and people with certain health conditions.

Be aware of Coronavirus outbreak! 

EU tests its readiness for COVID-19 

Please STAY at Home


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