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Is Bosnia and Herzegovina ready to join the EU?


The accession of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the European Union is the stated aim of the present relations between the two entities. Bosnia and Herzegovina has been recognised by the EU as a “potential candidate country” for accession since the decision of the European Council in Thessaloniki in 2003. Bosnia and Herzegovina takes part in the Stabilisation and Association Process, and the relative bilateral SAA agreement has been signed in 2008, ratified in 2010, and entered into force in 2015. Meanwhile, the trade bilateral relations are regulated by an Interim Agreement. Bosnia formally applied for EU membership in February 2016, and it remains a potential candidate country until it gets a response from the Council.

EU accepted Bosnia and Herzegovina’s membership application!

EU members states have accepted Bosnia’s membership application, starting a long process to decide on its candidacy. Bosnia’s membership process is particularly complicated given the country’s governance structure.

– Croatia offers to help Bosnia with joining the EU! Can Croatia coach Bosnians on how to join the EU?
– Is Bosnia and Herzegovina ready to join the European Union?

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