CETA & EU Trade Policy, Aviation safety rules, Farmers’ income


The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) is an international treaty between the European Union and Canada.

The negotiations have finished but before the agreement comes into force it must first be approved by the European Parliament and the governments of the EU’s Member States.

CETA is the first trade agreement between the EU and a major world economy. It is also the most far-reaching bilateral trade agreement negotiated to date. The deal addresses a wide range of issues at the Canadian federal and provincial level that affect European exports of goods and services to Canada.

Once it enters into force, the agreement is expected to make it much easier for EU exporters and investors to do business in Canada. It will make it easier for them to sell goods and provide services on the other side of Atlantic and will help secure jobs in Europe.

Europe and Canada Approve CETA Corporate Trade Deal Despite Heavy Opposition!

What the Canada-EU free trade deal could mean for you?


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