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British Prime Minister Theresa May organized an urgent meeting in order to face an attempted coup by colleagues over her handling of Brexit. She will try a fresh vote on her Brexit deal on Tuesday. No-deal Brexit is an ‘increasingly likely’ prospect, EU officers warn from Brussels.

Brexit coup, Theresa May’s leadership looks ‘extremely fragile’. Conservative Brexiteers are calling for Theresa May to resign as the deadlock over leaving the European Union continues.

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn had a “frank and comprehensive exchange of views” in talks on Brexit, Labour said. The meeting was also attended by Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay and Chief Whip Julian Smith and their opposite numbers Sir Keir Starmer and Nick Brown.

Jeremy Corbyn made clear there was no basis for bringing back the meaningful vote on Theresa May’s deal for a third time!

Brexiteer Mr Boris Johnson also accused Mrs May of “bottling it completely”, in his weekly Daily Telegraph column,. He urged Theresa May to “channel Moses” and tell the EU to “let my people go”.

We have blinked. We have baulked. We have bottled it completely. We have now undergone the humiliation of allowing the EU to decide the date on which we may make our own departure. It is the EU that is now insisting that Parliament must vote – for a third time! – on its Carthaginian terms, if we are to be permitted to leave on May 22.
Brexiteer Mr Boris Johnson

Who’s in charge of Brexit?

Hard Brexit – Soft Brexit – No Deal
What does #Brexit mean?

The British Prime Minister requested a delay last week after the deal she negotiated with Brussels suffered two heavy defeats. The EU agreed, and has now granted a two-tier extension. The European Union has granted the UK an extension until May 22, but only if Prime Minister Theresa May can get her agreement, which has already been resoundingly rejected twice, through parliament.

  • If Mrs May can get her deal through at the third time of asking this week, exit day will be 22 May – just before the European Parliament elections.
  • If this does not happen, 12 April is the new deadline.

What this means in practice is that, until that date, all options will remain open, and the cliff-edge date will be delayed. The UK government will still have a choice of a deal, no-deal, a long extension or revoking Article 50,

Donald Tusk, European Council President

The UK parliament voted against May’s deal by 230 votes on January 15 and again by 149 votes on March 12.

Second Referendum

A petition calling for another referendum has reached more than two million signatures. Theresa May’s government has long held the position that there will not be another referendum.

The current government publically, anyway, is still firmly committed to Brexit. A major event would need to happen for there to be a change of course including another referendum or a change of government in another general election.

Theresa May faces Brexit showdown and suggests she could ignore indicative votes!

What next for Theresa May and her Brexit deal?

Is this the Final Countdown or just the beginning of EU – UK Brexit negotiations?

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