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Every year, this choice changes the lives of millions of students. How to choose between undergraduate courses and unis? Which is the Top – Best Univercity in Europe? With so many courses, and many similar ones available, it’s important that you find out more about the course and the university or college before you start to shortlist your options.

Top-Best University in Europe

Vote here the 2020 Top-Best University in Europe of the Top100 Universities list. Explore study options and find the best fit study programme that matches your needs, goals, and preferences. In order to succeed in this mission, we call you to vote here and help students from all over the world, to do the right choice.

The Education choice – Top EU Universities

Education choice continues to reach a broad, global scale. More students are keen to study abroad than ever before. Bring your institution to the TOP – Best Universities in Europe. Students are searching for their best next study opportunity. Vote here and join the eudebate and add a comment below to promote the best choice to students worldwide.

Join also the poll for Europe’s Most Innovative Univercity

Equal access to quality education in Europe

Equal access to quality education is one of the EU’s central goals. EU is developing initiatives to help establish a European Education Area enabling all young people to benefit from the best education and training, and to find employment across Europe.

Towards a European Education Area

It is in the shared interest of all EU Member States to harness the full potential of education and culture as drivers for job creation, economic growth and improved social cohesion, as well as a means to experience European identity in all its diversity.

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The Commission is developing initiatives to help work towards a European Education Area. The vision contained within this policy is that, across the EU:

  • spending time abroad to study and learn should become the norm
  • school and higher education qualifications should be recognised across the EU
  • knowing two languages in addition to one’s mother tongue should be standard
  • everyone should be able to access high-quality education, irrespective of their socio-economic background
  • people should have a strong sense of their identity as a European, of Europe’s cultural heritage and its diversity

Digital competences and technology in education

EU activities are designed to bring an additional international dimension to studying, teaching, researching or making policy in higher education. Education and culture are essential to develop a more inclusive, cohesive and competitive Europe. In 2017, at the Gothenburg Social Summit, the European Commission laid out its vision for 2025 of a European Education Area in which the free movement of learners is guaranteed: “A continent where spending time in another Member State – to study, to learn or to work – has become the standard and where, in addition to one’s mother tongue, speaking two other languages has become the norm. A continent in which people have a strong sense of their identity as Europeans, of Europe’s cultural heritage and its diversity.”

Why does higher education matter?

Higher education and its links with research and innovation play a crucial role in individual and societal development and in providing the highly skilled human capital and the engaged citizens that Europe needs to create jobs, economic growth, and prosperity.

VOTE for Top – Best Universities in Europe

Higher education institutions are crucial partners in delivering the European Union’s strategy to drive forward and maintain sustainable growth. The Europe 2020 strategy has set a target that by 2020 40% of young Europeans have a higher education qualification.

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