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Foresight really is not the crystal ball. It’s about making sure we use the best scientific advice for Europe. Maros Sefcovic Commissioner for Interinstitutional Relations and Foresight answers to the question, posed by Nico Semsrott.

Who is Nico Semsrott?

Nico Semsrott is a German Kabarett artist, politician (Die PARTEI) and slam poet who was elected as a Member of the European Parliament in 2019.

Who is Maros Sefcovic?

Maroš Šefčovič is the first candidate who faced MEPs Hearings. He is nominated as Vice President for interinstitutional relations and foresight. Šefčovič will be responsible for “strengthening the special partnership with the European Parliament,” according to this mission letter from Commission President-elect Ursula von der Leyen.

Hearing of Commissioner-designate Maroš Šefčovič

MEPs asked several questions on proposals to enhance information. Nico Semsrott asked Commissioner-designate Maroš Šefčovič his way …

It’s true, some of my colleagues have been asking me if I can tell them what will be the next lotto numbers. Foresight really is not about the crystal ball. It’s about making sure we use the best scientific advice in where Europe could be, should be or want to be…
Maroš ŠEFČOVIČ, Vice-President-designate, Interinstitutional Relations and Foresight

Ursula von der Leyen explains Foresight to Maros Sefcovic

– Putting foresight at the heart of better policy making 
As part of our commitment to designing laws that better address our needs, I want you to lead efforts to strengthen our culture of evidence-based policy making. You will ensure that we make full use of the knowledge, information and research within the Commission.
This will be particularly crucial to supporting our work on the twin digital and climate transitions. It should also feed into the debates of the Future of Europe Conference.
  • I want you to lead the Commission’s work on strategic foresight. You will focus on long-term trends and identify areas in which policy, research and technological developments are most likely to drive societal, economic and environmental progress. This will help us better design our laws and initiatives, as well as helping us develop future-oriented policies.
  • As part of this, you will coordinate the Commission’s work on the European Battery Alliance, working closely with Member States and stakeholders.
  • Drawing on the work of the Commission’s Joint Research Centre, you will produce a yearly foresight report to help us adapt and improve our priority-setting. As part of this, you will look at how we can better link policies in different areas so they work towards the same objectives.
  • To ensure this approach is fully embedded in our work, you will support me in developing the annual Commission work programme.

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