WATCH LIVE the DAY02 of The World Economic Forum and DEBATE on the following topics: Terrorism in the Digital Age, Africa & South Asia, USA & China, The Future of Consumption, Digital Economy, Safe Water, Global Growth, Healthcare, Multipolar World, Middle East Security, Social Enterprises, The Future of Innovation & Energy, The Future of Big Business, Work & Finance and Conversations with John Kerry, Adel Al Jubeir, Matt Damon and Gary White.


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World Economic Forum 2017MORNING SESSIONS


Davos Today 2017

Tuesday, January 17 at 8:00am

Davos Today is the morning news programme for the World Economic Forum. Join Reuters for live discussions with policy makers, top executives and thought leaders from around the globe.


Size Matters: The Future of Big Business

Fewer than 10% of the world’s public companies account for 80% of all profits. What does operating at this scale mean for competition, collaboration and innovation? This session was developed in partnership with CNBC. Speakers:Andrew R. Sorkin, Sir Martin Sorrell, Andrew N. Liveris, Ruth Porat, Tidjane Thiam, Sunil Bharti Mittal

Promise or Peril: Decoding the Future of Work

Forecasts on the impact of technology on the future of work are deeply polarized, creating fear of the challenges to come and inaction on new opportunities. What do we know about the transformation underway and what short- and long-term innovations hold the greatest potential to navigate these changes? Decoding trends and blind spots Social and political implications Public-private partnerships Speakers:Alain Dehaze, C. Vijayakumar, Philip J. Jennings, Megan Murphy, Luis Alberto Moreno


Strategic Update: The Future of the Digital Economy

What are the major drivers transforming the digital economy and how should leaders prepare for this new context? Digital transformation of industries Cybersecurity of the industrial internet of things Trust-based partnerships and collaboration Speakers:Orit Gadiesh, Bill McDermott, Inga Beale, Steve Bolze, Liu Jiren Strategic


Update: The Future of Finance

What are the major drivers transforming the financial sector and how should leaders prepare for this new context? Dimensions to be addressed: Digital financial system stability Next-generation financial regulation New business and operating models This session is related to a System Initiative (Shaping the Future of Financial and Monetary Systems). Speakers:Tom Keene, John Cryan, Mario Greco, Kenneth Rogoff, David M. Rubenstein, Anne Richards


Press Conference: Meet the Co-Chairs of the Annual Meeting 2017

The Co-chairs will share their expectations for the Annual Meeting and offer their perspective on the theme of Responsive and Responsible Leadership. Speakers:Adrian Monck, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, Brian T. Moynihan, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, Frans van Houten, Meg Whitman


Strategic Update: The Future of Energy

What drivers are transforming energy and how should leaders prepare for this new context? Recent oil and energy price developments Climate and energy reforms Shifting energy investment strategies This session is related to a System Initiative (Shaping the Future of Energy). Speakers:Francesco Starace, Fatih Birol, Kenneth A. Hersh, Elena Cherney, Qiao Baoping, Amin H. Nasser


Strategic Update: The Future of Innovation

What are the major drivers transforming innovation globally and how should leaders prepare for this new context? Corporatization of research Tightening of national borders Impact of intellectual property regimes Speakers:Francis Gurry, Alyson Shontell Lombardi, Chuck Robbins, Shailendra Singh, Mehmood Khan


Discover a World beyond X and Y Genes

How is research in neuroscience, genetics and biology changing everything we know about gender identity? This session was developed in partnership with National Geographic. Speakers:Susan Goldberg, Eric Vilain, Jin Xing


Monetary Policy: Where Will Things Land?

With interest rates diverging, how can central banks safely land monetary policy? This session was developed in partnership with the Wall Street Journal. Speakers:Gerard Baker, Axel A. Weber, Anthony Scaramucci, Thomas J. Jordan, Carmen M. Reinhart, Li Daokui, David M. Rubenstein


Issue Briefing: Fourth Industrial Revolution The Impact on Women

The Fourth Industrial Revolution will hit women the hardest. How can science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education help address the fall-out and accelerate progress towards parity? The Issue Briefing room is located in the Media Village. Speakers:Mary C. Boyce, Saadia Zahidi, Hakubun Shimomura


Welcoming Remarks and Special Address

Speakers:Klaus Schwab, Doris Leuthard


Opening Plenary with Xi Jinping, President of the People’s Republic of China

Speakers:Klaus Schwab, Xi Jinping


What Is it to Be Human in the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is radically changing how we interact and communicate, and the relationships we build with each other. How are human identities, ideologies, norms and values being reshaped? Speakers:Susanne F. Wille, Tracy Fullerton, Melanie Joly, Ahmad Iravani, Nicole Schwab, Cheryl Martin, Allen Blue


Outlook for the United States

Join a conversation on the priorities, challenges and opportunities for the incoming government of the United States. Speakers:Philipp Rösler, Anthony Scaramucci


An Insight, An Idea with Matt Damon and Gary White

A conversation with clean-water pioneers Matt Damon and Gary White on scaling solutions for universal fresh water and sanitation access. Speakers:Matt Damon, Gary White, Shereen Bhan


Advancing the Sustainable Development Agenda

What policy and industry leadership is needed to ramp-up the impact of the Sustainable Development Goals?

Speakers:Paul Polman, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim, Mark Cutifani, Pranjal Sharma


Press Conference: How Are Leading Social Enterprises Creating Impact at Scale

Access to education and employment are fundamental human rights. In countries around the world, 168 million children are engaged in exploitative labor. And even those in the formal schooling system, millions more from low-income families face almost insurmountable barriers to higher education while informal workers in India and elsewhere struggle with job security and fair wages. Join this press conference to learn about:

  • How Geekie is partnering with the Brazilian Ministry of Education to scale their technology education platform to 4.5 million low-income high school students
  • How GoodWeave is partnering with major retailers to launch Sourcing Freedom, a portfolio of programs that tap proven tools to help companies eliminate child labor from their supply chains in several new industries
  • How Nidan has enrolled more than 2 million street vendors in India in digital payment systems in the past two months alone, ensuring they stay competitive and earn a living wage


Speakers:Katherine Milligan, Nina Smith, Georg Schmitt, Eduardo Bontempo, Arbind Singh


Artificial Intelligence

As business opportunities for artificial intelligence multiply, how can industry leaders design the principles and technical standards into their products that benefit society as a whole? Data ecosystems for privacy and security Algorithms for greater social inclusion Institutions to build trust among stakeholders Speakers:Joichi Ito, Satya Nadella, Ginni Rometty, Robert F. Smith, Ron Gutman


A Conversation with Adel Al Jubeir on Middle East Security

Speakers:Adel bin Ahmed Al Jubeir, Robin Niblett


Powering Africa

Closing Africa’s energy gap could boost economic growth by 30% by 2040. What business and policy innovations hold the greatest potential for accelerating energy provision? This session was developed in partnership with CNBC Africa. Speakers:Bronwyn Nielsen, Akinwumi Ayodeji Adesina, Rachel Kyte, Aliko Dangote, Cyril M. Ramaphosa


An Insight, An Idea with Shakira

A conversation with musician and Crystal Award honouree Shakira on changing lives through early childhood education Speakers:Shakira Mebarak, Prannoy Roy


Press Conference with the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka

The Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, H.E. Ranil Wickremesinghe, will be joined by his Finance Minister Malik Samarawickrama to brief media on his participation at the Annual Meeting 2017. Speakers:Ranil Wickremesinghe, Georg Schmitt, Malik Samarawickrama


Issue Briefing: Who Can Lead a Multipolar World?

With a changing world order, growing doubts about US leadership capacity and the transformation of societies, how would a global governance system fix our multipolar world? Speakers:Oliver Cann, Richard Baldwin, Kishore Mahbubani, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala


An Insight, An Idea with Guy Standing

A conversation with Guy Standing, author of Speakers:Guy Standing, Zanny Minton Beddoes


A Conversation with John Kerry Diplomacy in an Era of Disruption

Speakers:John F. Kerry, Klaus Schwab, Thomas L. Friedman


Issue Briefing: Ending Corruption

With pariah and rogue states’ secrecy facilitating crime, corruption, tax evasion and money laundering, what sanctions should be imposed on those that violate international norms? Speakers:Joseph E. Stiglitz, Mark Pieth, Oliver Cann, Margery Kraus


Press Conference with the Vice-President of Nigeria

Learn first-hand about Nigeria’s Recovery and Growth Plan as well as policy measures the government has put in place towards improving investment climate, ensuring security of lives and investments and driving growth through social inclusiveness. Speakers:Yemi Osinbajo, Georg Schmitt


Rebuilding Trust in the Healthcare Industry

Public concern about the future of healthcare extends beyond rising costs and industry behaviour and touches on the purpose of the system itself. What is needed to put the patient back into the centre of the healthcare industry? Speakers:John Milligan, Rich Lesser, Sara Eisen, Frans van Houten, George Barrett, Ian C. Read


The New Lead Characters

Pioneers in the global film and television industry have set out to tell stories that celebrate human complexity and diversity. What happens in society when global popular culture includes a more diverse group of leading characters? Speakers:Jin Xing, Karan Johar, Haifaa Al Mansour, Forest Whitaker, Francine Lacqua


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Official LIVE VIDEO Streams for DAY 02

World Economic Forum 2017



Terrorism in the Digital Age

Terrorist organizations are using increasingly sophisticated digital networks to signal allegiance to a wider movement, attack their enemies and manage resources. How can leaders respond to the threat of terrorism in the digital age? Fragmented struggles against Al Qaeda, Daesh and Boko Haram Responsible leadership in international security Resilience to the global network Speakers:Louise Richardson, Jean-Paul Laborde, Rob Wainwright, H.R.H. Prince Turki Al Faisal Al Saud, Raheel Sharif, Yemi Osinbajo


Global Growth Markets Outlook

Accelerating since 2016, but facing an uncertain global environment with almost one-quarter of their debt due this year, will global growth markets remain attractive for business in 2017? Strengthening US dollar and risk in emerging markets Financial and trade-related deglobalization Globalizing emerging-market corporates and improving fundamentals of business This session was developed in partnership with Yicai. Speakers:Carmen M. Reinhart, Pravin Gordhan, Afsaneh Mashayekhi Beschloss, Arif M. Naqvi, Yang Yanqing, Liu Mingkang


Press Conference: Access to Safe Water with Gary White and Matt Damon

Water crises and equitable access to safe water have long been named a top global risk by the World Economic Forum. Yet 663 million people live without daily access to safe water. The economic, social, and environmental impacts of this reality fundamentally hamper the growth and security of families, communities and economies around the world. It is clear that charity alone is not enough and more must be done. In partnership with Water.org, co-founded by Gary White and Matt Damon, Stella Artois will outline a a new campaign and call to action to help provide clean water to 3.5 million people, significantly increasing Water.org’s impact to date. Speakers:Matt Damon, Gary White, Dominic Kailash Nath Waughray, Ricardo Tadeu, Usha Rao-Monari, Georg Schmitt


Issue Briefing: Smart Policy for a Digital Economy

From platform economies to cybersecurity, countries are unprepared and ill-equipped to agree on shared norms and rules for the digital economy. What solutions are available? Speakers:Fadi Chehadé, Amitabh Kant, Philipp Metzger


Strategy Update: The Future of Consumption

What major drivers are transforming consumption and how should leaders prepare for the new context? Supply-side tracing and transparency Networked consumers Circular value chains This session is related to a System Initiative (Shaping the Future of Consumption). Speakers:Tom Szaky, Baohong Sun, Doug McMillon, Jean-François van Boxmeer, Alain Bejjani, Daniel Zhang


Harnessing Regional Cooperation in South Asia

How can South Asia accelerate growth and development through regional economic cooperation? Speakers:Ranil Wickremesinghe, Sheikh Hasina, Nirmala Sitharaman, Rana Foroohar, Manvinder S. Banga, Mosharraf Zaidi


Press Conference: C/Can 2025 – Changing the future of cancer in urban populations

A concrete response to Sustainable Development Goals

With 1 in 3 people directly affected by the disease, cancer is one of the world’s most pressing health concerns, killing more people than HIV/AIDS, malaria and Tuberculosis combined each year. The disease is estimated to cost world economies as much as US$1.16 trillion annually – a figure that is projected to grow exponentially if action is not taken now to reduce the spiralling growth in the number of cases and the impact on both individuals and healthcare budgets.

The Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) has formed a partnership with the World Economic Forum to create ‘C/ Can 2025: City Cancer Challenge’, to address the urgent need to move political commitments made at the global level into fully functional, comprehensive cancer solutions, which can reach the majority of the world’s population. Speakers:Georg Schmitt, Cary Adams, Michael Berkowitz, Edwin Macharia, Christoph Franz


Shaping Davos: Bridging the Urban-Rural Divide

The urban-rural divide is growing across nations worldwide, intensifying societal and political frictions. How can the causes and effects of this polarization be tackled? Connecting live to the following cities:

  • Abuja on preventing radicalization
  • Beirut on integrating refugee populations
  • Paris on preventing political instrumentalization
  • Portland on overcoming bias and segregation

This session was developed with the Global Shapers Community, focusing on global issues and local solutions. It is part of a series of live events connecting to 16 cities worldwide. Speakers:Jake Horowitz, John W. Hickenlooper, Lindiwe Mazibuko


China’s Pivot to World Markets

With investments growing at 20% per year, China is set to overtake the US soon as an outward investor. How are Chinese companies’ global investments transforming industries and markets?

This session was developed in partnership with Caixin Media. Speakers:Li Xiaopeng, Zhang Yi-Chen, Liu Liehong, Alicia Bárcena Ibarra, Hu Shuli, Nouriel Roubini


Preparing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

What is needed from the public and private sectors to ensure that the Fourth Industrial Revolution benefits all of humanity? Speakers:Marc R. Benioff, Vishal Sikka, Ngaire Woods, Mary Barra, Shu Yinbiao, Mukesh D. Ambani


Can Women Have It All?

Growing evidence shows that reducing the employment gender gap is an important driver of economic growth and has a positive impact on inequality across societies. Yet, in Switzerland, only 15% of mothers are in full-time employment. What new policies and business models can help to get more women into the workforce? Speakers:Tim Ryan, Hamza Yusuf Hanson, Maysoun Odeh Gangat, Katherine Garrett-Cox, Marie-Gabrielle Ineichen-Fleisch, Cynthia Castro


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