US President signed the largest stimulus in U.S. history. Trump tries to get full power of government and society to achieve victory over the virus. President Trump promises $2 trillion public aid and declares that together, we will endure, we will prevail, and we will WIN.

More than 100K COVID-19 cases in USA

US COVID-19 cases surpass 100,000, highlighting a trend of about 20,000 newly reported infections per day. US President Donald Trump clashed with governors over ventilator needs despite overwhelmed hospitals in several areas, and he focused again on getting businesses back in operation.

In a letter addressed to the nation’s 50 governors, President Trump said the federal government in the coming weeks intends to classify counties by COVID-19 risk, as part of a plan to reopen businesses in certain parts of the country. Trump said the plan will be based on surveillance testing, and counties would be designated low, medium and high-risk levels. In high risk areas, US government will suggest social distancing and in other low risk regions the Coronavirus alarm should be decreased, maintained, or even slightly increased according to the real needs.

$2 tn Coronavirus stimulus

The House of Representatives passed a $2 trillion stimulus relief bill, the largest such bill in US history. The passage comes 1 day after the United States surpassed China and Italy as the nation with the most cases of COVID-19 cases in the world.

After delays, the president finally invoked the Defense Production Act to require General Motors to start making ventilators. At the daily White House coronavirus briefing, Trump said that in the next 100 days, the United States would try to produce or obtain 100,000 ventilators.

The largest stimulus in U.S. history

President Donald Trump signed a $2 trillion bipartisan stimulus package that is intended to address the threat of economic disaster by the Coronavirus pandemic. This stimulus package is the largest stimulus in U.S. history.

I want to thank Democrats and Republicans for coming together and putting America first,
US President Donald Trump

Trump signed the measure in the Oval Office hours after the approval by the House of Representatives. This was an unusually rapid approval but the threat of a recession is now real. Companies began to lay off workers and U.S. consumers hunkered down in their homes to avoid spreading the virus.

2020 United States presidential election 

– How will the coronavirus outbreak effect politics?

– Will the coronavirus ‘kill populism’?

Trump promises $2 trillion Coronavirus stimulus to face economic meltdown.
Is it a real solution to the problem or just a US response in an Election Year?
The United States holds its federal elections on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

Trump rewrites history with $2 trillion Coronavirus stimulus in an Election Year. Epidemiologists are still trying to come to grips with the severity of the coronavirus pandemic and Trump faces economic meltdown with $2 tn stimulus bill.


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