David Cameron finally breaks his silence on Brexit referendum. BBC broadcasts The Cameron Years on BBC One. It is the first of two parts covered just the last years of his premiership. The events that led David Cameron to call and lose the 2016 EU referendum and the seismic impact of that fateful decision on UK political landscape. The Cameron Years is a two-part BBC documentary, which charts David Cameron’s prime ministerial career, from his rise to power to the legacy he has left.

The Cameron Years
The Cameron Interview

Cameron, against the advice of his friend and chancellor George Osborne, his chief whip and his coalition partners. David Cameron became convinced that pledging a renegotiation and referendum was necessary to resolve the increasing instability of Britain’s place in Europe. After leading his party to a surprise electoral victory in 2015, Cameron’s renegotiation faced huge challenges from the start. He struggled to persuade his two closest allies, Michael Gove and Boris Johnson, to support the case for remaining. BREMAIN left him struggling to stay in control of a campaign riven by party in-fighting, ‘post-truth’ politics and strategic challenges.

BBC has gained close access to David Cameron himself, and drawn on testimony from leading allies and critics from his close team, party, and coalition partners. The former prime minister talks candidly about the rise and fall of his career.


Was the referendum David Cameron’s biggest mistake?

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