EU has the determination for last minute BREXIT negotiations. Michel Barnier got the green light from EU leaders, to discuss Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan.

Brexit deal talks is like climbing a mountain Michel Barnier said just after a meeting with Stephen Barclay, UK Brexit Minister.

Brexit is like climbing a mountain 
Michel Barnier

EU Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier also mentioned that we need vigilance, determination and patience!

From Cyprus, EU Council President Donald Tusk said that the UK has still not come forward with a workable, realistic proposal. Even the slight chance must be used.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson last minute BREXIT Deal

The base of the last minute discussions is the new Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan. The UK presented alternative plans last week with a solution for hard borders. This plan allows Northern Ireland to remain in the customs union and places physical checks away from the border line.

BREXIT constructive or destructive negotiations?

A no-deal BREXIT will be a large negative shock to the UK economy! 

Can EU pushe for another extension?

EU Debates! You?
Your opinion counts!


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