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WATCH LIVE The World Economic Forum and DEBATE on the following topics: The Race against Racism, Cyber War, BREXIT, Life Expectancy, Maintaining Innovation, Health. Ideas and taks with Henry Kissinger, EU Commissioner Carlos Moedas, Duncan Haldane, Joichi Ito and Nico Rosberg.

WATCH LIVE the Afghan Women’s Orchestra.

Official LIVE VIDEO Streams for DAY 05

World Economic Forum 2017


Plenary Hall (English) – Davos 2017

Sanada (English) – Davos 2017

Arena (English) – Davos 2017

Aspen 2 (English) – Davos 2017


A Conversation with Henry Kissinger on the World in 2017

Speakers:Klaus Schwab, Geoff Cutmore, Henry A. Kissinger


Cyber War

From attacks on critical infrastructure to attempts at sabotage of political processes, has the first cyber war already begun? Speakers:David Rothkopf, Shirley Ann Jackson, Michael Gregoire, Moisés Naím, Thomas E. Donilon

Closing Performance

WATCH LIVE the Afghan Women’s Orchestra.

The Afghan Women’s Orchestra “Zohra” from Kabul joins forces with members of Geneva’s youth Orchestre du Collège for a powerful affirmation of friendship and trust across cultures. Join this momentous occasion to witness a performance by Afghanistan’s first female conductors and the first women to play music in their country in 30 years.

This concert is held in partnership with Intesa Sanpaolo.
Speakers:Nico Daswani, Ahmad Sarmast, Negin Khpolwak, Zarifa Adiba, W. Lee Howell

The Afghan Women’s Orchestra “Zohra” is the first all woman orchestra in the country after decades of war and civil strife. Meet the founder and the two conductors to understand what learning an instrument means for a girl in today’s Kabul and how art can provide hope for a war-torn country.


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