25 teams from 21 nation want to know who is the best on the track? Discover an unique public event around the tram and the public transport service in Europe.

 Watch LIVE from Brussels 

Tram-EM European Tramdriver Championship

A European championship brings people together and connects them through play, entertainment, and information. Additionally, TRAM-EM wants to project the public transport service as a modern and interesting service.

It supports the exchange of experiences among drivers and managers, and it has an advertising effect – regional and Europe-wide. TRAM-EM promotes the cultural exchange in Europe and peaceful competition for future-oriented local traffic.


  • combines entertainment with information, festival with culture, workshop with a party for drivers, managers, and visitors
  • stages the traditional tram as modern and entertaining and supports the international trend to “lightrail travel”
  • makes possible the exchange of experience amongst drivers and companies
  • presents an attractive entertainment program
  • supports cultural exchange in Europe


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