Re-open EU is a useful interactive travel tool that provides you with the information to plan your European Summer 2020. Staying healthy and safe you can browse on the latest borders information, public transport, travel restrictions, public health measures. You can find info whether cafés, restaurants, bars and beaches will be open this summer in a given country.

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After weeks of confinement, EU internal borders are reopening. The Re-open EU website we are launching today will provide travellers with easy access to information to help them confidently make their travel plans and stay safe during their trip. It will also help small restaurant and hotel owners, as well as towns across Europe, draw inspiration from innovative solutions developed by others.
Thierry Breton, Commissioner for Internal Market

EU to start opening borders for Tourism from July 1st – Re-Open EU

Re-Open EU #EUtourism LIVE

EU re-open Borders and ease Travel bans – Re-Open EU

‘Re-open EU’, a web platform to support a safe relaunch of travelling and tourism across Europe. It will provide real-time information on borders and available means of transport and tourism services in Member States. Re-open EU will also include practical information provided by Member States on travel restrictions, public health and safety measures such as on physical distancing or wearing of facemasks, as well as other useful information on EU and national tourism offers. This will allow Europeans to take responsible and well-informed decisions on how to manage continuing risks related to Coronavirus while planning their holidays and travels during this summer and beyond.

To Reopen-Europe the Commission needs to immediately restore free movement inside Schengen without disparities and without exceptions.
Guy Verhofstadt

Re-Open EU

Up to date – Essential information

Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, and responsible for the Joint Research Centre (JRC), said: “Europe’s vast and rich cultural heritage is one of our major assets. But with no possibility to travel and with most venues closed these past months, culture and tourism have been hit hard. The Re-open EU platform provides up to date, essential information so that we can start exploring Europe safely again”.

Make EU travel plans with confidence this summer. Visit the Re-open EU platform for country-by-country info on:

  • openings/closings
  • means of transport
  • restrictions
  • health/safety measures

Tourism and Travel Border Controls in Post-COVID-19 Summer

The European Union, and all of its member states, are planning for a safe re-opening of Europe. While protecting the public health remains our priority, EU wants everyone to enjoy holidays, to reunite with family and friends, and to be able to travel for any purpose. This interactive tool provides you with the information to confidently plan your European travel and holidays, while staying healthy and safe. The information is frequently updated and available in 24 languages for your convenience.

Re-Open EU #EUtourism Country map limitations

Mobile friendly EU app

The Re-open EU platform is part of the Commission’s Tourism and Transport package. It was launched to rebuild confidence among travellers in the EU. It will help European tourism resume safely, in line the necessary health precautions. The new platform, which also comes with a mobile friendly version (a web-based app), acts as a key point of reference for anyone travelling in the EU as it centralises up-to-date information from the Commission and the Member States in one place. It will allow people to browse country-specific information, updates and advice for each EU Member State through an interactive map. It will be easily accessible via app or website, and be available in the 24 official EU languages.

What European countries can I travel to this Summer?

What European countries can i travel to this Summer? Re-Open EU #EUtourism

Which European countries can we travel to this summer? What are the travel restrictions & safety measures? Find your answers on the new platform ‘Re-open EU‘.

Furthermore, the platform includes information on patronage voucher schemes. This info allow consumers to support their favourite hotels or restaurants by buying vouchers for a future stay once they reopen. Vouchers help the European hospitality industry as restrictions are lifted and borders reopen. Patronage vouchers help businesses to overcome cash-flow bottlenecks, with services provided later. The amount paid by the customer goes directly to the service provider. By setting up the dedicated page, Commission intends to help better link participating businesses and interested customers, especially when travelling abroad.

European Capitals of Culture

Through Re-open EU, the Commission also provides relevant information on tourism offers in different Member States, including EU actions such as European Capitals of Smart Tourism, European Destinations of Excellence (EDEN) and the European Capitals of Culture.

Europe’s digital cultural platform, Europeana, is launching Discovering Europe, a collection of art works and photographs of some of Europe’s most iconic landmarks. Furthermore, a dedicated tourism hub will be created on Europeana Pro to help cultural heritage professionals discover initiatives supporting tourism throughout the EU.

What is Slow Tourism? Can this trend save COVID-free Summer 2020?

This is a usefull travel initiative. European Commission is launching this app called “Re-open EU,” meant to be a one-stop-shop for info on EU countries’ borders, public transport, travel, and health restrictions. You can decide where to travel this summer and when.

Find your answers on the new platform ‘Re-open EU‘

EU re-open Borders, ease travel bans with a blacklist of Airports

Is Europe COVID-Free? EU leaders warn for second Coronavirus wave

Safely resuming travel Summer 2020


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