The plan, drawn up by Jean-Claude Juncker and the European Commission, applies to anyone aged 18 to 70, with a pass lasting three years. But if the legislation is not agreed upon by the Brexit date, British tourists will be left in legal limbo.

The charge for a visa waiver will apply definitely whether or not the UK and EU will agree on a deal. The objective of all negotiations is to agree the terms of the UK’s departure from the EU in an orderly manner. If the European Parliament and the UK Parliament continue to reject the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement, then the default position is for the UK to leave the EU in March 2019 with no deal. Visa-free travel plan derailed again by Spanish demands over status of Gibraltar.

€60 – £52 for a Schengen VISA

If UK he UK will be neither on the list of countries where a visa is required or among those with an exemption. It is feared that Brits travelling to an EU country for less than 90 days could ultimately be required to pay €60 (£52) for a Schengen visa – or be left waiting for the completion of bilateral deals before being allowed to travel.

Last December Natasha Bertaud coordinating spokesperson for activities of President Jean-Claude Juncker confirmed the scheme will apply to Brits and gave an idea on how much Brits will have to pay!

December 2018 the Visa price was 7 euros!

Yes #ETIAS will apply to the #UK as 3rd country post-Brexit – 7 euros for a 3 year pre-travel authorisation. Simple form, like #ESTA to the US, but way cheaper.

– How will Brexit affect UK travel?
From visas to traffic delays!

Can we count or estimate now the damage of Brexit to the British Economy?

Visa-free travel to continue after Brexit, according to draft agreement!
But in case of No-Deal tourists face £52 visa for EU after Brexit as Spain blocks waiver!

The last update on Brexit Deal EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement came from the European Parliament yesterday!
Spain argues Gibraltar should be described as a ‘colony’ in the EU’s statute book in a footnote added to the visa legislation. But the European Parliament rejected the language proposed by the EU council with one MEP calling it ‘colonial language’.

In post-Brexit Britain visits to the European Union will be more expensive for millions of Britons.

Brits will have to pay but how much?

The EU divorce bill.
Debating here the Visa issue!

Join the #BREXIT Debate!


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