Alex Jones, Infowars, Milo Yiannopoulos, Paul Joseph Watson, Laura Loomer, Paul Nehlen and Louis Farrakhan have all been removed from the platforms as Far-Right extremists.

Facebook announced that it had designated some high-profile people, including Louis Farrakhan Nation of Islam leader, who’s notorious for using anti-Semitic language and right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, as “dangerous”.

Facebook also mentioned that it will be purging them from its platforms. The spokesperson added that Facebook will remove groups, pages and accounts created to represent the banned individuals when it knows the individual is participating in the effort.

Looks like you guys will probably never hear from me again!

Laura Elizabeth Loomer, far-right American political activist

For instance, Loomer denied in an Instagram post that she ever violated the company’s terms of service. Loomer asked people to follow her on an different platform.

Milo Yiannopoulos, the far-right provocateur and journalist, shared a screenshot of a headline about the ban on Instagram and urged his followers to subscribe to an email mailing list.

Watson used Twitter, from which he has not been banned, to write, “In an authoritarian society controlled by a handful of Silicon Valley giants, all dissent must be purged.”

Farrakhan, Jones and Nehlen did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Facebook is banning a number of controversial figures – users for violating the company’s policies on hate speech and promoting violence.

-What is hate speech for you?

Freedom of Speech and #NoPlace4Hate

Facebook has drawn broad criticism from across the political spectrum over its attempts to curb harmful content.

What is Hate Speech in real life? Countering illegal hate speech online.

Are you ready to face the limits in freedom of speech?

-Is this Freedom Unlimited?

Join the #eudebate!


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