Finding the right investment broker can be difficult, especially if you’re an investing novice who isn’t sure what features you will need. Should you be looking for the best online brokerage specifically or just the best stock broker overall? Are the best brokerage firms the ones offering the best brokerage promotions or do lower annual costs trump up-front perks? And how do you weigh all of these factors against each other?

Searching for profitable industries to invest in can be a solid strategy when looking for new opportunities. At the same time, however, putting money out there invested on the backs of new, hot stocks isn’t always a great plan. Instead, taking a longer-term, patient and steady approach to researching industries, sectors and means of investment is the better move. Although predicting future return on investment is fraught with issues, there are definitely areas where one can discern probable continual growth.

Where should you look to invest in 2019?

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