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If Italian voters reject a raft of proposed constitutional reforms on December 4, the government will likely resign.
Should that happen, Parliament could avoid triggering early elections by appointing a caretaker government instead.
The prospect of a victory by political parties that are critical of the eurozone will continue to create uncertainty in Italy and the rest of the currency area.

What does Italy’s constitutional Referendum mean for its Banks?

Monte dei Paschi’s Future Hangs on Sunday Vote.

In case of a “no” vote, the bank and the government, which has heavily backed Monte dei Paschi’s recapitalization plan, may choose to move quickly with a new plan in order to prevent any run on deposits or a wider destabilization of Italy’s banking sector.

Italian Referendum puts government and Eurozone to the test!!!

Could Italy bring down the Euro?
Renzi risks all on referendum!

What will this VOTE mean for the Euro and the European Union?

EU Debates! You?
Your opinion counts!


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