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Mario Draghi’s eight-year term of ECB office draws to a close this week. EU leaders, Chancellor Angela Merkel, President Emmanuel Macron, President Sergio Mattarella and incoming ECB President Christine Lagarde honoured his contribution to Europe and the euro.

Mario Draghi – European Dream

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the euro is more than a currency and symbolises the irreversibility of European integration.

French President Emmanuel Macron credited President Draghi with saving the euro.

Italian President Sergio Mattarella counted a stronger economy, higher employment and a sounder banking system among the euro’s achievements.

Incoming ECB President Christine Lagarde described President Draghi’s legacy as a call for excellence. She thanked him for serving Europe and its citizens with wisdom, determination and commitment.

President Mario Draghi’s farewell event

In keeping with tradition, Draghi bowed out by handing a replica of the ECB president’s golden bell to his successor Lagarde, who will become the bank’s first female president when she takes up the post on November 1.

And finally, President Draghi stressed the ECB’s independence, achievements and focus on its mandate. He expressed his sense of honour for the privilege of having served as ECB President. His goal has always been to comply with the mandate enshrined in the Treaty, pursued in total independence, and carried out through an institution that has developed into a modern central bank capable of managing any challenge.

It has been a privilege and an honour to have the opportunity to do so.
Thank you.

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