Feeding the planet has never been more challenging! By the time you watch this video 300 people will be born across the globe! World population is expected to increase to 9 billion by year 2050. We will need tech-smart farming to increase our food production by at least 70%. It’s not just the number of people to feed. It’s also the changes and what they’re eating.

In developing parts of the world demand for protein has tripled in the last 40 years and egg consumption has increased. In order to satisfy our desire for protein; farmers and smart farming must grow more crops like corn, soya and grains.

World population
7 billion 2019 to 9 billion by 2050

To respond to this demographic challenge, agricultural yields will need to grow by 70 to 100 %.

From livestock to crops, new technologies are becoming an intrinsic part of a farmer’s working day, resulting in more and better agricultural products. Precision agriculture supports farmers with more sustainable practices. Precision farming aims to generate more results in agricultural activities while using fewer resources, such as water, energy, fertilisers and pesticides. It mainly uses information technology, data from satellites and the Internet of Things.

Tech-Smart Farming

The aim is not only to make life easier for farmers but also to increase yields in the most resource-efficient way possible.

For instance, ground sensors can calculate the optimum time for crop irrigation using the least amount of water, or this robot can milk cows automatically.

We will have 3 billion more people to provide good quality food for, the right quantity…Therefore we will need a lot of technology and we think that certain kinds of robots will also make it easier to harvest the different qualities at the right time, at the right moment.
Paul Rübig – EPP Group Austria

– The next challenge is to teach farmers how to use these new technologies.

Keep our family farm structure is so important to us. But use every available technology in a wise way. Empower our farmers, particularly our young farmers to see the opportunities.
Mairead McGuinness – EPP Group Ireland

Join the #eudebate with farmers to feed global population!

How can we help farmers to transform the way they grow for the decades to come?

Can we farm without agro-chemicals?
Is it possible?


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